WOW! LED lighting brings amazing possibilities previously unheard of

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March 12, 2014

I have been an advocate of LED technology for some time. The energy savings combined with longevity and flexibility make it a no brainer for your home or business. Now we have new ideas and technologies emerging that were never heard of before. All because the LED is so agile in it’s ability to perform a myriad of tasks.

Imagine going to a huge department or home improvement store. You know what you want but where do you find it? There will be an app for that. Just jump on your smart phone and go to the locator app. The phone will not just tell you where in the store your item is, it could actually communicate to the store lighting system and make the networked LED lights lead you directly to your item. Is that cool or what?

Networked lighting controls are coming and they are going to be amazing in their ability to do things we never considered and to do things we have always wanted but the pricing of the controls made them un-realistic.

Check out this article from EC&M magazine. The future is coming at us fast and it looks really bright!

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